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You Should’ve Heard Just What I Seen

You Should’ve Heard Just What I Seen explores how music shapes the experience of making and looking at art, with original contributions from over 50 leading contemporary artists, curators and gallerists. Invited to submit pieces that touch on the way music factors into both their lives and practice, the conversations, poems, essays, lists, show flyers, t-shirts, paintings and photographs they provided are collected in this supreme reader on contemporary art and sound.

Featuring works and texts from an international group of artists, the publication is both a lively reader and a visually compelling document of the art of today. The contributors are Kelly Taxter, Maureen Brenner, Elizabeth Peyton, Charlemagne Palestine, Jay Sanders, Chris Ofili, Jeremy Deller, Steven Baker, Dave Muller, Jeff Poe (Blum & Poe), Anne Collier, Lesley Vance, Margaret Lee (47 Canal), Tyson Reeder, Alex Olson, Kelley Walker, Rashid Johnson, Martin Creed, Andrew Kuo, Macrae Semans, Jim Drain, Charles Long, Sarah Thompson, David Kordanksy / Stuart Krimko, Roe Ethridge, Matt Anderson (DJ Matt), Spencer Sweeney, Yoshitomo Nara, Christoph Gerozissis, Scott Reeder, Kai Althoff, Dan Aran / Uri Aran, Thomas Lax, Laura Owens, Amy Granat, Peter Doig, Trisha Donnelly, Edgar Arceneaux, Brian Degraw, James Fuentes, Barry Johnston, Naima J. Keith, Nicholas Party, Berry Van Boekel, Adam Putnam, Brendan Fowler, Mike Watt and Matthew Higgs (White Columns).

Edited by Kelly Taxter. Text by Naima J. Keith, Thomas Lax, Jay Sanders, et al.
Published 2014
DESIGN: Jesse Willenbring for The Sunset People
FORMAT: Flexi, 7 x 9 in. / 400 pgs / illustrated throughout.
ISBN: 9780982681374
PRICE: $29.95