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Cynthia Daignault: Light Atlas

In 2014, American painter Cynthia Daignault (born 1978) traveled around the entire outside border of the United States, stopping roughly every 25 miles to paint the view before her. The resulting monumental work, Light Atlas, is a grand portrait of America in 360 canvases that reveal slow shifts in hue, atmosphere, depth, industry and economy.

This catalogue reproduces every painting of Light Atlas at 1:1 scale, in a filmic retelling of her journey and of the country she circled. In poignant, personal and searching prose, Daignault weaves into her visual narrative parallel stories of the journey, the creation of the work, and the grander fiction of America itself. New essays were commissioned for the book by celebrated historians and writers Alexander Nemerov and David Campany, who approach the piece in its relationship to the history of both painting and photography.

Text by David Campany, Alexander Nemerov, Cynthia Daignault.
Published 2019
DESIGN: Emily Lessard
FORMAT: Clothbound, 11.5 x 9.25 in. / 400 pgs / 360 color.
ISBN: 9781941366189
PRICE: $55.00